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FINALLY got around to adding these (54 of them) into my ORG and double/triple checking each one to make sure I didn't miss any VAR's I had.

If I get blank offers, I'll just decline the trade. Don't have me dig through ORG's looking for cards I need. I don't have time to do that as I only look to trade on my days off, Friday being my day off. I'm highly active on my iPhone 4S so I will look at trades if I'm not by my computer.

*****My collection needs are in my signature below.*****

I will ship first in the trade. As I stated before in other threads, I work for the USPS so I know how to protect cards because I know what machines are in every facility across the US. I ship Priority Mail w/ DC, that is my standard and always will be. I only ship Express Mail if the value of a card(s) is/are over $25.

Once the offer is accepted, the cards will be shipped out the following day after I get off of work(usually 3-4am EST) which is perfect because by 7pm the cards are actually then being processed at my facility and on the way to you.

I'm striving to maintain a perfect 5.0 trader rating!

Let's get trading!

Offer sent!
Doh, didn't see the part about open offers lol.
(06-01-2012 06:03 AM)Haze28 Wrote: [ -> ]Offer sent!
Doh, didn't see the part about open offers lol.

Just cancel an resend Smile
Accepted 1st trade. Cards will ship later today.

Be sure to check my ORG frequently, I will be accepting trades if I see what I like right away so the minis you want may be gone!

Looking to move these fairly quickly. I know there are set collectors and team collectors out there Smile

Haze send another offer, I accidentally declined. Make sure it's not an open though.
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