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Haven't posted anything in here in a long time so here you go. Was out picking up supplies for shipping and said what the hell. Bought one single pack of 2010 Certified. Pulled this guy. Nothing big but for only grabbing on pack I can't complain.

[Image: 2012-05-31_13-32-36_506.jpg]
Not bad at all....congrats
That's excellent for 1 pack. Congrats
Thanks guys. I'm glad I did. Got a quick fix and a decent hit.
I would have been happy with that pull! Congrats Ryan
Solid hit. Congrats
thanks detter. thanks will.
Awesome pull for only one pack, congrats.
I wish I could do that good when I just grab 1 pack!
Thanks guys. For some reason I do have pretty good luck with Certified no matter the year.
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