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I know im gonna start something and catch a ton of backlash by even bringing this up but, if Cleveland gets 1st pick to go along with their handful of other picks, I call BS. My theory is that Stern had made an agreement with Cleveland after the Lebron fiasco. The deal would include two years of first picks and a bunch of other picks to help them recoupe. I hope Im wrong and the Bobcats luck finally change. Im a huge fan and believe we will not get first, or second pick. We will be lucky to get 3rd. I see a 4th pick unfortunaltly. We will see if Im right in a few hours I guess.
I'm hoping for DET to get 1st. They need it just as bad. Poor Pistons Sad
is the draft lottery coming on tonight or something? what channel?
its tonight, not sure whAT channel. Usually ESPN.
Yep, Espn has it in about half an hour after the pre-game show. And the lottery is impossible to rig the way it is drawn. it's purely by chance.
Wow,the Bobcats have got to be hurting.Jordan is throwing up sick.They got abused all year long and now they dont get the only person Jordan was praying for.Anthony Davis will be a HORNET!!Geaux Hornets!!!!!
Maybe the Hornets new owners had a deal with the NBA to get the #1 this year? I feel bad for Jordan and the cats. Being from Minny, I know the feeling.
Michael Olawakandi (1997?), Greg Oden (2007)...two big men drafted relatively recently who didn't do sh*t in the NBA. Getting #1 isn't everything. David Bowie?
New Orleans took our team 10 years ago, they still have our name and now they get the #1 pick. lol Complete crap. I'll be happy with Michael Kidd Gilchrist though.
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