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Cured my itch for some football breaks. Might sound weird, but those showcase have the best smell, takes me back a few years.

[Image: 052905Drew001.jpg]
[Image: 052904Ingram001.jpg]

[Image: 052906Martin001.jpg]
[Image: 052907Cousins001.jpg]
[Image: 052908Graham001.jpg]
[Image: 052909Charles001.jpg]

[Image: 052910Allen001.jpg]

[Image: 052911Blackmon001.jpg]

Not an auto, but still......
[Image: 052912Griffin001.jpg]
Sweet Blackmon!
Wow, that Blackmon is nice! And you can't go wrong with an RG3 jsy!
That blackmon is sweet and so is the Ingram....congrats on the pulls
Nice griffen
you did well...
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