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so, i've talked to alot of you in the basketball forum through PM's, or through threads. and im sure most of you seen my matching set of carmelo tools of the trade. i just made a deal and sold them, and im wondering if you guys think that i made out like a bandit, got about the right amount, or should have held out for a little more? sold the pair for 350 cash...

here are the 2/5
[Image: scan0001.jpg]

non auto 8/10
[Image: scan0003.jpg]

really wanting feedback. please let me know what you guys think they were worth?
I think you made out Well..

Im not a Melo Collector but If i had to put a price i would say the Patch Auto is around $150 and the Patch 75-100 so in my Opinon so you made a Cool Hundred on the deal.
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