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Full Version: wrong picture listed?
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this happens alot. in fact most cards from 2009 to present time there is no picture.
Weird. Wonder why... I'd assume they're making money with their guides, grading services, and website subscriptions.
So... how do you report an incorrect picture?
I think it is because members can upload the picture of the card...apart from us paying for the subscription, they also want us to do their job and provide them scans...LOL!!! I have seen this alot...its sometimes really confusing when trying to determine which card is which when there is so many variations like the Heritage SPs, would figure Beckett would be up to date with this or employ someone to update the sets with pictures. What do you all think?
It's bad enough I don't know anything about cards. I'm trying to figure out the difference between Topps regular cards and refractors. Not having pictures isn't helping.
It has been a problem for me especially with error cards where Beckett will show the same picture for both the error card and the corrected card. I did not know this when I organized and logged in my cards and it resulted in trade problems. Also, I have known traders who have sent in pictures for cards and nothing ever happens, the picture is never posted.
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