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I stopped by my LCS and they had a couple of boxes of this so I decided to pick one up. Nice product design, nice inserts - the autos are all on-card which is also a good thing. Overall, I like.

As far as what I pulled, I don't think its too bad. Pulled 4 autos - a nice change is having three of them having the full named signed clearly and no one signing just initials:

In order of how I pulled them:

Tony Casillas - Oklahoma Defensive Guard - probably the only auto I pulled which really fits the description of college football legends (the other three autos are people more known as pro players). Casillas won the trophies for best interior lineman while at OU, was a member of a national championship team, and is a member of the college football Hall of Fame. Decent NFL career as well being named to a couple of All Pro teams. It looked like Casillas may be one of the players who has not previously had an auto card (at least in a quick search, I didn't see any). Casillas is the only one who doesn't sign his full name clearly - but its not just initials.

Terry Metcalf - Arizona Cardinals Running Back/Kick Returner (1997 NFL Legends Buy Back Card) - Metcalf played only 6 seasons in the NFL, but according to Wikipedia was named to three All Pro teams (and I have a 1975 All Pro Kick Return Topps Card of his) still holds at least one NFL record and for a while held the season total yard record (and would still hold it for a 14 game season) for a while.

Daryl Johnston - Syracuse Full Back - Okay, I'm not sure if Johnston really qualifies as a college football legend. Good fullback in college no doubt, but when all UD can come up for his college career is that he had the most yards by a Syracuse fullback in one game since Larry Czonka they seem to be stretching some. Obviously, Johnston had a real good NFL career and his autograph is probably the best I've ever seen on a card. Really clear and at least here it is large because here is someone who really took advantage of it being an oncard autograph. Wish I had a scanner to post a picture.

Tom Rathman, Nebraska Fullback - Rathman actually seems to be closer to a college football legend - believe the Huskers won a national title or two while he was playing there and he at least does hold the Nebraska record for all time yards by a Fullback (and at Nebraska that actually means something). Rathman is probably best known for scoring two touchdowns in a Super Bowl with the 49ers - showing much skill at catching passes out of hte backfield (which it is likely he rarely if ever did at Nebraska). Think he also made at least one All Pro or Pro Bowl team in the NFL

Overall I rate this as not bad.
I agree
Interested in the met calf if for trade!
I agree that most of those seem like NFL Legends, but if your like me, and collect a specific college, I would love to have an Auburn legend's Auto that didn't have any college cards, even if he wasn't as good in college as he was the pros.

If you got any Auburn base and want to trade, lmk.
Good hits overall. I'm looking to try a couple boxes in the next little bit myself.

Glad you liked it, in general.
You know, I realized that I made the mistake of listing Terry Metcalf as Arizona Cardinals when since he played in the 1970s they would have been the St Louis Cardinals.

Overall I think there is a very nice mix of players in the product. From a college football fan's perspective, it might be nice to have a set which was totally college focuse and based only upon the college career. From an NFL fans perspective, there are lots of NFL legends in this set. From a general football fan's perspective, it is a fantastic mix of college and pro legends with all on card autographs. As a general football fan, I love this set.
sounds like some nice boxes... great pulls!!!
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