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weeks ago, there was a Erin Andrews thread about these new cards coming out. Back then 5/10 , I pre-ordered 2 boxes, that are to be released July 11th.

Was wondering anyone done so? Plus i figured, who'd pull the 1st Erin Andrews card here, just for fun.
Birthday coming up tommorow..these 2 boxes coming....make me happy!

I am more interested in vintage....therefore i have lots of cards from base to signature to jersey and patches. I have not much luck in selling individually. Thinking of putting together a lot, wonder if its a good idea. Look at my photbucket of the ones i tried selling on the bay. Several items are appealing and could make it worth buying. I read somewhere base cards are about 5-10 cents worth.
Lots are good if you are trying to get rid of a bunch of cards, but selling individually will net you a LOT more money. Every once in a while, I sell lots to clear up some space and I usually end up getting somewhere between 15-25% of BV. Selling individually would get me a lot more than that, but would take a whole lot longer. I should note that the lots I am talking about are all GU and autos, I doubt base cards would sell for even 15-25% BV in most cases.
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