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I recently purchased a collection from someone and it included these cards. I don't collect basketball so I would be willing to trade for Baseball or Hockey. I would also entertain Paypal offers.

[1969-70 Topps J.Block]
[1969-70 Topps D.Stallworth]
[1969-70 Topps W.Hazzard]
[1969-70 Topps M.Counts]
[1969-70 Topps B.Weiss]
[1969-70 Topps T.Boerwinkle]
[1969-70 Topps D. DeBusschere]
[1969-70 Topps H.Greer]
[1969-70 Topps W.Hazzard]
[1974-75 Topps Hawks Ldrs2]
[1974-75 Topps Hawks Ldrs]
[1974-75 Topps Scoring Ave Ldrs]
1974-75 topps FG Ldrs]
[1974-75 topps W. Frazier]
What are you looking for in baseball or how much for the lot?
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