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I am breaking the practice of organized chaos and recently began sorting through and organizing my collection. I do like to pick up dupes from my favorite products and that equals 50 2009 Exquisite Ocho Cincos. I knew I had plenty of dupes from that product just didn't realize I had that many until today. I think I will lay off of this product for awhile.


Likes to buy dupes.
Is disorganized.
Discovers surplus of 09 Exquisite Ochos.
Makes thread.

I apologize if scans show up unedited, photobucket (bless their hearts) has been problematic for me.

[Image: img352.jpg]
[Image: img351.jpg]
[Image: img350.jpg]
[Image: img349.jpg]
[Image: img348.jpg]
[Image: img347.jpg]
[Image: img346.jpg]
Haha I love it man! I like it all!
Holy smokes, those are pure sickness!! Especially the ones w/ Megatron! Smile
Lay off? Hell, you're just getting started!!! Tongue

Heart all the beautiful patches, especially the Exquisite Rare Materials!
very, very, nice!!! a LOT of cool patches...
hehe...i feel SO much better now bro!..i am not the only one who hoards...
Forgets hoard...
finds hoard...
puts foot down...
buys more of said card after milk and cookies...
oh wait we are not on step 4 yet are we?
WOW that is a lot of exquisite Ochos!!! Smile
That is a lot of Ocho! At least they all look great!
Looks good to me Smile Don't really see a problem, lol Big Grin
Thanks everyone! I love em' I don't think Hoarders is going to run a special on it. It would be a short episode and very boring. In hindsight there were quite a few I didn't go after. But after seeing them together maybe I can get a 100? Who knows, but it is my fav. set for Ochos by far.
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