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Just loaded all my duplicates into Organize along with a couple of Heritage SP's and other odds and ends.

Looking to trade for any Bowman RC's, Prospects, or Chrome Prospects that I still need to complete my sets. Everything I need is listed in my Wants folder.

I'd like to do trades of at least 5 cards each way to save on shipping costs.
went to check your ORG and saw nothing, do u have any brett lawrie or yu darvish rcs
yeah you dont have anything marked f/t :/
sorry about that everything should be marked now.

I don't have an extra Darvish or Lawrie at this time but there is a Harper Chrome
Check me I added all my dupes in Chrome and Best as well. I am looking for the regular base of Darvish Please tell me you have one or 2 for trade. Out of 4 boxes I only pulled his gold card. ERRRRRR
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