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An incredibly nice gesture from younglover to send me this sweet KJ!! Thank you so much & the kindness will be returned!
[Image: kj.jpg]

Feelin a small Suh collection beginning to brew Smile
[Image: suh.jpg]

[Image: suhguau.jpg]

[Image: suhspa.jpg]

Some new Kevins to the pile...
[Image: ttt89.jpg]

[Image: ltrmn75.jpg]

[Image: warroom10.jpg]

1/5 (love this card, LOVE Bowman Chrome period!!)
[Image: redchrome.jpg]

Busted a box of Prime Signatures.... ehhhhhh, was still fun!
[Image: tjones.jpg][Image: cmart.jpg][Image: grier.jpg][Image: dthomas.jpg]

Thank you again younglover; great, great people on this board!
Trade the Curtis parallel?
The suh limited is SUH-WEEEEEET!
(05-26-2012 09:58 AM)itsdagooch Wrote: [ -> ]Trade the Curtis parallel?

Yep, shoot me a pm w/ your bucket or what ya think?

Thank you Marinocollector!! It is a beaut!
Grats on some nice stuff! Wtg YL! that's a freebie package....congrats
Thank you gents, yes, very happy w/ her generosity!!
Very nice cards!!! Thought of picking up a Suh auto myself Smile

Nice job MaryAnn Big Grin
SICK pickups!!! WTG!!!
Great stuff!! WTG younglover!
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