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So I have never bought actual game used items before. I think I got a good deal, but I have nothing to compare it to, haha. The guy originally wanted $300 (which I didn't even think was a bad price for this, but I don't know) and I ended up getting them at $230. What do you all think? I know some of you have lots of this kind of stuff!

For my Brian Urlacher PC:

[Image: Urlachergloves1.jpg]

[Image: Urlachergloves2.jpg]

[Image: Urlachergloves3.jpg]
Ummm pretty awesome. Future Hof`er. Very nice
You did pretty well... I have some game used Shipleys that I paid almost that for...Wink
Those are awesome! I think you got a good deal too!
Very sweet gloves! $230 for a future Hall of Famer, plus autographed! Great deal in my opinion.
I had them on my watchlist and was about to make an offer! Nice buy those are sweet!
Haha, kinda feel bad now- your Urlacher PC is way better than mine. Haha
Anyway to know what game they were worn in? It would be pretty cool to make a display with his stats from the game, and the players that were tackled...
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