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here we go:

[Image: 3a5f0b36.jpg]
[Image: 3e03df1d.jpg]
[Image: c14ec7ef.jpg]
[Image: 5ac3c2e2.jpg]
[Image: 1b558ea7.jpg]
[Image: bf375e95.jpg]
[Image: 15bea34a.jpg]
[Image: c0b031f5.jpg]
[Image: 04e925e2.jpg]
[Image: 59a37ec3.jpg]

[Image: 9cfc8c7b.jpg]
[Image: 18f589ee.jpg]


[Image: 369b0e72.jpg]


[Image: 7e254139.jpg]
oh, and the Certifieds are listed here:

2010 Certified Potential Rainbow:

304/999 Silver
12/100 Red
46/50 Blue
14/25 Gold
2/5 Emerald
1/1!!! Black


37/50 Gold
50/50 Au
Those Certifieds look edible, not that I'd go there. Great looking set there! Great ToTT too, I like that one, game worn yeah? Gotta be. Beautiful card.
That's my kind of eye candy!
Thanks all!!!
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