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Full Version: Misnamed Card in DB?
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Can someone help me try to get the following card added to my Organizer. I cannot find a matching card, no matter what search criteria I am using (player only, Topps + Player, Year + Player, etc, etc). The closest that I have been able to find is "2010 Topps Sterling Career Chronicles Quad Relic Autographs #CCAR53 Eddie Murray". Is it possible that Beckett has this mis-labeled as Eddie Murray in the database, instead of Dennis Eckersley?

Any help to find this would be appreciated.

Thanks - Sam
Hey Mods - Could you please take a look at this, and see if you can determine if this card exists, or give out the proper contact?

Community - Would consider a small reward if you could find this in the existing database listings.

Thanks to all - Sam
I sent this to our Baseball Analyst. It looks like we have it incorrectly as Eddie Murray in the database. He’ll make the correction. I believe you'll be able to see it in your search results either tomorrow or Thursday.


PS: He has a cool signature!
Ummm....almost, but not quite right. So, I checked today to see if the updates had been made, and I got the following results:
#1) Searching for "2010 Topps Sterling Career Chronicles Quad Relic Autographs Dennis Eckersley", does actually return the listing for this card CCAR53. However, the description is still wrong. Since most of us use the descriptions when reviewing cards, would it be possible to get this updated as well? Please see screen shot:

#2) I would guess that all CCAR53 cards - the three and five relic cards as well - are also Dennis Eckersley, but these have not been updated. When doing a search for "2010 Topps Sterling Career Chronicles #CCAR53", six cards are returned, but only two are tagged as Dennis Eckersley (AND the descriptions are still wrong). Can this be fixed as well? Please see screen shot here:

Let's work hard to get the cards listed correctly.
Is there any additional news on when these updates might take place? Understanding that there may be change windows for the DB, just looking for an estimate or an ETA.
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