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I went to my LCS yesterday & was itching to buy something. He had opened boxes of older hockey behind the counter. While I was debating on whether to open up some regular UD Hockey from 2007 - 2011, I noticed he had a box of 10-11 SP Authentic with a few packs left. I bought the last 3 packs for $18. The first pack yielded...nothing. The second yielded...a Mikko Koivu Holo FX. The last pack yielded...a least what both the store owner & I originally thought was a decoy. Upon turning it over, I discovered it was a redemption for a 10-11 Limited Autographed Patch Rookie #/100 of Thomas McCollum! Since I'm on the east coast, (Long Island baby!), I had no idea who that was, until the owner took out a Beckett & looked up the card. He's a Red Wings goalie & the card books $100! Not bad at all!
Killer pull congrats!
Congrats!!! NICE surprise hit!!! Would love to see a scan when you get it.
nicde pull.....last packs....gotta do it!!!
you did very well congrats
Nice hit
He was my goalie in inline before he got drafted. I remember sitting with him on the bleachers and he was telling me how he was the 2nd ranked undrafted goaltender in the world. It was interesting for sure.

I hope he picks up his game and gets a chance to fight Howard for the starting spot soon enough.
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