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Dangerous combo. Bored and close to the LCS. Ripped a new BK product and I was pleased, but not elated. Interesting that I got a '12 RC before I ever got an '11. Thanks lockout

[Image: 3bc2d132.jpg]

[Image: 9b6ef19b.jpg]

Too bad it's not AD... But it could very well be MKG

[Image: c9942f97.jpg]
I think you did well for you box.. Not a Fan of Orton card he shouldnt be in the Set IMO.. but the Kerr and Anderson are nice hits.. Favors could break out if the Jazz move Milsap or Jefferson. And the 2nd pick will be a nice Collectable guy..

If you wanna trade the Redemption Check me see if i have anything you will move it for..
As far as the Orton goes, it's the most interesting card to me. If all the jerseys are that size cut, I'd be interested in more of this. The write up for the Orton says everything you need to know about him. I'll paraphrase because I don't want to go find it, but it goes something like this; in two games in the D league Orton was a contributor before injuring his knee and missing the remainder of the season.

So yeah, I'd have to say he's a bit of a stretch to be in a memorabilia set
Yes, all swatches are that size, and that's the only set in the product with material.

Is that Favors for trade? If so, please check me for it. I know they don't have any BV, but I'd let you have a good handful of cards for it (trying to go after the AU set, already have two). Thanks.
The letters on redemption dont mean anything. They are doing a draft to assign which card to which player. Assume all you want but it wont be determined until they do the draft for it.
Not sure what you're referring to, but I understand the draft process. It clearly says pick #2. I was referencing AD (Anthony Davis) and MKG (Michael Kidd Gilchrist). Pretty sure I can assume the 2nd pick might be MKG
Fish is right .. The 2012 Redemption is for the Pick stated on the redemption while the 2011 Draft redemption are Lettered and those letters will be assigned to a Player at a Live Draft on Panini's Blog at the end of October(nba opening night i think)
Nice of panini to get the first RCs of 2011(sp authentic aside) assigned on opening night of next season. This class was subpar anyway, now they're going to have to compete witha new class right out of the gate. Im guessing that besides Irving, the rest of the'11 class will struggle to top $25bv on an average base auto.
BTW Fish what inserts did you pull ? Im lookin to trade for Celtics , Majerle, Bill Walton and lopez brothers.
I'll look, the only ones I remember were the Fireworks inserts( remind me of late 90s inserts, the type that are so hot now) and they were Wall and Melo
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