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Here are the highlights of my 2012 Contenders breaks over the past couple of days.
Very pleased with results! Seven boxes opened to date.


[Image: 3-29-12194.jpg]
[Image: 3-29-12192.jpg]
[Image: 3-29-12193.jpg]

And in the very, very thick pack:

[Image: 3-29-12195.jpg]

Hit two duals;

Redemption of Jeff Carter and Ryan Johanson

Sabres dual:

[Image: 3-29-12196.jpg]

And maybe the best card of the break:

[Image: 3-29-12165.jpg]

Thanks and good luck with your break!
Great break! Seems you did pretty Well CONGRATS!
Check me on the gardiner and frattin!!! Smile
Sick stuff congrats
Wow nice break!
Cool stuff! It's a shame Schenn got stuck signing with two Oilers!!
Very nice. It's a shame that Sedin's autograph is basically two "W"'s.

Panini also should have put RNH or at least Pajaarvi instead of Schenn to make it all Oilers.
Nice looking stuff!!
impressive break congrats
not bad, to bad schenn is on the oil card
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