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Just wanted to throw out a list of some of the base/inserts I need from Archives and other 2012 products that I'm still looking for. LMK if anyone has several of these for trade!

2012 Archives
Freddie Freeman Base
Freddie Freeman Gold parallel
Dustin Ackley Base
Dustin Ackley Gold Parallel
Brian Wilson Base
Brian Wilson Gold parallel
Chipper Jones base
Chipper Jones parallel
Chipper Jones 83 minis auto (fat chance I know ha)
Ty Cobb base
Ty Cobb parallel

2012 Bowman
Freddie Freeman Gold
Freddie Freeman International
Freddie Freeman blue
Freddie Freeman Orange
Freddie Freeman Ice
Freddie Freeman Red Ice
Chipper Jones International
Chipper Jones Ice
Dustin Ackley International
Dustin Ackley Orange
Dustin Ackley Ice
Brian Wilson Ice

2012 Gypsy Queen
Freddie Freeman Gypsy Queen Future Stars
Freddie Freeman Variation
Freddie FreemanVariaton Mini
Freddie Freeman Straight Cut Back Mini
Freddie Freeman Green Mini
Freddie Freeman Sepia Mini
Dustin Ackley Variation
Dustin Ackley Mini Variation
Brian Wilson Variation
Brian Wilson Mini
Brian Wilson Mini Variation
Brian Wilson Black Mini
John Smoltz Auto
Tommy Hanson Relic
Tommy Hanson Mini Relic

Freddie Freeman Variation SP
Chipper Jones Jersey

Topps Heritage
Freddie Freeman Auto
Dustin Ackley Base
Kyle Seager Base

Topps Museum
Freddie Freeman Relic
Freddie Freeman Auto
Criag Kimbrel Base
Craig Kimbrel Relic
Dan Uggla Base
Dan Uggla Relic
Dan Uggla Jumbo Lumber
Dan Uggla Relic Auto
Jason Heyward Jumbo Lumber
Dustin Ackley Base
Dustin Ackley Relic Auto
Brian Wilson Relic
Brian Wilson Quad Relic
Brian McCann Relic
Brian McCann Relic Auto

Topps Tribute
Freddie Freeman Auto
Chipper Jones Championship Material Dual Relic
Brandon Beachy Auto
Mike Minor Auto
Jason Heyward Auto
Tommy Hanson Auto
Dustin Ackley Auto
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