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how did u decide on sanders?
(10-03-2012 05:10 PM)nygiants Wrote: [ -> ]how did u decide on sanders?

Bought cases worth of 2010 product from the LCS and being here in the Burg was kinda happy to pull Sanders cards in almost every box. The LCS owner asked if I wanted any specific Steeler for them to try to get for the next signing. So I said let's try and get Emmanuel. He made it happen. My family and I got to spend a day with him. Very courteous and respectful towards his entire fan base. Apologized for losing the superbowl. Ever since then I have been going non stop.

He made such an impact on my youngest daughter, that when they had a school project to do a report on someone famous, all the other kids chose US Presidents. My daughter chose Emmanuel Sanders!
This was the cover shot on her report:
[Image: 150.jpg]

My current collection consists of:

(NON 1/1) 418/474

(breakdown according to Beckett)
AU 189/214
MEM 246/270
SN 381/434
RC 33/33

45 - 1/1s
I also have an Autographed Home Jersey, Personalized Riddell Mini Helmet,
6 Different 8x10 autographed photos, And a jumbo autographed 8x10 Panini Prestige card from the 2010 National.

And with all of that, comes the luxury of chatting with him via Facebook.
He also checks periodically on my photobucket collection of him. Smile
wow .... it is so hard to start a focused collection with a ton of choices out there any ideas for me to start on (i am an obvious giants fan but i'm into basically anything) Thanks a million
Rule 1. Live within a budget
Rule 2. Try to pick a young offensive player that wasn't drafted in the first round. (This will allow for enough production of cards to make it challenging.)
Rule 3. Shoot for someone no one else is trying to hoard. (You don't want to be competing on cards and end up overpaying).

Hey, you might get lucky! As your new player goes into the final year of his rookie contract, he might explode and you can flip your dupes to cover your costs!
do u have anyone specifc in mind? (so sorry for all these questions) Thanks!!!!!!!!
Updated list 12/20 and looking to move in on closing this out!
All I want for Xmas is to add to my pc, to add to my pc, to add to my pc.
Fresh bump for 1/29. Always looking for Sanders 1/1's!!!
Updated 6/23/2012
Down to the last 56!
On my phone with limited access I have a few for trade but don't know if they are on your list
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