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Normally don't post sale threads, but could use some cash. Prices are listed below.

Whitey Ford /36#d $40 Jersey (Pinstripe)/ Jersey/Jersey (Pinstripe)
[Image: FordWhiteyTTTJsy.jpg]

Whitey Ford /18#d $35 Jersey (Pinstripe)/ Jersey (Pinstripe)/ Jersey (Pinstripe)
[Image: FordWhiteyTTTJsyBat.jpg]

Yogi Berra /36#d $40 Jersey/Bat/Glove (Stitching holes) (SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
[Image: BerraYogiTTTJsyBat.jpg]

Dimaggio, Berra, Rizzuto /27#d $100 Jersey (Pinstripe)/Jersey (Pinstripe)/ Bat
[Image: DimaggioBerraRizzutoTTT.jpg]

Roberto Clemente Dual Bat $40
[Image: ClementeRobertoBiographyBat.jpg]

Hank Greenberg Bat $20
[Image: GreenbergHankBat.jpg]
Anyone else?
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