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Send open offers.
[Image: Gwynn_Straw_Murphy.jpg]
[Image: Ripken_Auto.jpg]
[Image: Mccutchen_Auto.jpg]
[Image: Justice_auto.jpg]
[Image: Cody_Ross_RC_Auto.jpg]
[Image: Nick_Green_Auto.jpg]
[Image: 04_Treasures_Silver_Trot_Auto_10.jpg]
[Image: 04_Cuts_Trot_Auto_Gold_25.jpg]
[Image: Landon_Magenta_Plate.jpg]
[Image: Arod_Ozzie.jpg]
[Image: Griffey_Sosa_Burrell_Green.jpg]
[Image: Jeter.jpg]
[Image: Nolan_Ryan_Patch.jpg]
[Image: Stargell.jpg]
[Image: Ripken_Epic_Jsy.jpg]
[Image: Ripken_epic.jpg]
[Image: Jeter_Rc.jpg]
[Image: Arod_HoloView.jpg]
[Image: Harper_Chrome.jpg]
[Image: Harper_Chrome_RC2.jpg]

[Image: Posey_RC.jpg]
[Image: 2011_Posey.jpg]
[Image: Jeter_Cloth.jpg]
[Image: 2011ToppsChromeX-Fractors7MickeyMantle.jpg]
[Image: Mantle_206.jpg]
[Image: Longoria_RC.jpg]
I liking the Ripken auto, if you can find something for it?
Open offer sent...hope i have something you might like...thanks!
anyone else interested?
(05-22-2012 12:11 PM)jdubbs10 Wrote: [ -> ]anyone else interested?

i like that murph auto...LMK if you see anything you want...nice to see a fellow gamecock on here BTW
Open offer sent, but I didn't see the 1994 Justice in your org. Is it still available? Thanks
PM sent! thanks
please check me for the arod holoview and the harper thanks
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