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primarily looking for the 1985/86 carnation card and the 1978 wrestling annual card. willing to pay top dollar....

however also looking for any bulk:

wonderama's (including horsemen cards)
1982 and 83 ric flair or tully blanchards
1991 wcw
1991 impels

or any other cards prior to the 91's...
Good luck finding the Carnation Major League Wrestling card. That set is by far the most rare set of wrestling cards that exist. I have two of the Flair's with one signed and the other just raw. I check EBAY daily for new listings from the set and it has been at least six months since one was listed on there. The only card I have ever parted with that I regret is the PSA 8 Ric Flair from this set. I was hoping to find one that would grade Mint but after purchasing as many Carnation cards as I have been able to find I am afraid that may never happen and that is the finest known example. Many of the cards have surface wrinkles on the back that will cause the card to default to a PSA 5 at best grade and are not worth grading. This issue is also tough to find with strong centering.

The 1978 paper cards can be found from time to time searching on EBAY. Just search for 1978 wrestling and look for the magazine. There was a set recently that sold for $30 which is quite low but many times these items get lost in the shuffle. Just so you are clear it is a paper card and not on hard card stock. Recently PSA began grading these and a mint example sold in the past year for $245. The tough part about this issue is the magazines are printed on older newstand paper and tend to fade or stain easily.

The 1982 Wrestling All Stars cards are the most saught after wrestling cards that exist. There is an SGC graded example on EBAY right now of Flair and a PSA graded example of Tully Blanchard.

The 1988 Wonderama cards are a cool set but have very little value at this time. You can buy a factory set for $39.99 from Galaxy of Stars delivered on EBAY and that is a great deal and they seem to have plenty. I have purchased 12 or 13 from them and been pleased with the cards and service.

The 1991 cards are extremely cheap and will stay that way forever. If you are going to buy any the 1991 Championship Marketing set has glossy cards and some good photos. I think all of these are a waste of time in reality. I bought a box for $29.99 looking for a Scott Steiner rookie card to get signed at a TNA taping but he is no longer with the company. You will get at least 3 sets out of a box.

Good luck finding the cards and hopefully some of this information was helpfull.
[Image: scan0079-1.jpg]

Here is a scan of the signed one from my personal collection. I am getting another one in the mail with the rest of the set later this week that I won on EBAY but unfortunately it has a crease in it so it won't grade higher then a PSA 5. I do plan to get the other cards graded if they are strong and The Road Warriors card from the set is one of my favorite wrestling cards that exist and I have one in a PSA 6 but really want to upgrade it.

I know of a large find of six of these sets in Ohio and five of them sold on the private market for $600 a piece.

I am fairly certain some are being sent into PSA for grading and will hit EBAY.

I check the PSA population reports everyday to track new cards that hit that I might need for my #1 PSA graded Wrestling All Stars sets and also to monitor increases in the population of all the cards and will keep a look out for these to hit.

A high grade Ric Flair will bring huge money as this is by far his most rare card in any condition.

Here is a scan of The Road Warriors card. This is their best card by far. A high grade example will bring big money for sure.

[Image: scan0101-2.jpg]
I have some older wrestling in my org not sure if its anything you might want
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