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Wanted to share some scans of the progress I'm making on my new project...

I still need these if anyone can help.....
Charlie Batch Lions
Drew Bledsoe Patriots
Ed Too Tall Jones Cowboys
Junior Seau Chargers
Peter Warrick Bengals
Randy Moss Vikings
Terrell Davis Broncos

______ Pickups So Far 5/20/11______
T Holt
[Image: 01tholtsott.jpg]
[Image: 01dculpeppersott.jpg]
P Hornung
[Image: 01phornungsott.jpg]
J Blake
[Image: 01jblakesott.jpg]
The Snake
[Image: 01jplummersott.jpg]
P Manning
[Image: 01pmanningspa.jpg]
[Image: 01jmontanasott.jpg]
J Brown
[Image: 01jbrownsott.jpg]
Brees RC
[Image: 01dbreessott9.jpg]

and the big one....

Mr U
[Image: 01junitassott95.jpg]

Will bump with new additions!!

Thanks All,
Awesome progress so far JK. Look forward to seeing more updates.
Great start to the set! That looks like one awesome checklist and love the Unitas!!
Ahhhhhh. On-card autos! Now those were the days!

Thats a sweet set! Looks like your off to a great start! Best of luck completing it! Smile
Thanks Guys! Some additions!!

5/20/11 continued......
[Image: 01dflutiesott.jpg]
C Taylor
[Image: 01ctaylor.jpg]
T Dilfer
[Image: 01tdilfersott.jpg]
[Image: 01vtestasott.jpg]
S Davis
[Image: 01sdavissott.jpg]
K Warner
[Image: 01kwarnersott.jpg]

______Additions 6/11/12______
T Owens
[Image: 01towenssott.jpg]
B Johnson
[Image: 01bjohnsonsott.jpg]
Dan The Man
[Image: 01dmarinosott.jpg]
_______Additions 6/16/12_______

Ricky Williams
[Image: 01rwilliamssott.jpg]
Great looking set. I especially like the Peyton Manning and Marino autos!
Thanks! Kelly added!!
[Image: 01jkellysott.jpg]
Awesome cards man! I am chasing the same set right now but its the 09 SOTT the times dual autos. Good luck and I hope you complete the set and if not, at least have fun trying
Looking great so far!
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