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i am going to be trying to sell some cards at a card show for the first time.

i want to find a creative way to try to make some money. i have seen the "dice game" where you can roll 6 dice and if you get a yatzee of all 1's you get a jordan rookie card, and every number in between you get some crappy card. only 2 dollars a roll! lol / i dont want to go this way.

i want some time of experience where the customer has fun, but can get some good cards as well.

have you seen anything at a card show that you thought was cool?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

also. i have tons of good cards. and the tables at the show are 50 dollars a piece. how many tables should i start out with at my first show?

thanks for all your help,

SPC VanHook
US Army
You can do the same thing but have different levels for every 1 rolled. And if no 1s then they get a crappy card.

Or do a wheel of fortune type.
I would say if it is your first show, I would go one table and no gimmicks. Get your feet wet and see how it goes. In my experience when you are the new guy at a show you usually are pretty busy because the other dealers have not seen your stuff. I have done my best in these situations. Keep it simple and see what it is like to keep your head on a swivel so inventory doesn't walk, deal with the times you need to take a break and so on. The first time can be kind of overwhelming. Just my two cents.
Thanks for the advice!

Once before I had a friend who had a booth at a show and he let me put out a few things. I sold a T-205 Joe Tinker and a T-205 Frank Chance. So it was a great day. But I made these 50-card packs with all kinds of cards in them. I sold them for 10 bucks. But I decided to really make them awesome. I put at least 50 dollars bv in each pack and a couple packs even had T-206's and some had 1952 Bowman's. I only sold 2 packs. lmao. People are so gun-shy from being ripped off by commons. I guess with time people will learn that i am honest and they will trust me, but for now i have to pay my dues.

I would still like more ideas if anybody has any, and thanks to those who already helped!
Showcase your better stuff. I find a lot of people like to dig through common boxes for single cards. I do really well this way, I price commons out at 10 cents each and let them go to town. That includes Jeter, Pujols, and the rest, I would rather have a customer buy 160 cards at 10 cents each, than 4 cards at 25 cents or more. This is a good way to attact new business too as people see someone stopping and takeing time at your table and they will come to see what you have. Good luck.
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