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michael dunn oragne #d/250
[Image: michaeldunnorange.jpg]

andre ethier orange #d/ 250
[Image: andreethierorange.jpg]

slade heathcott purple #d/999
[Image: sladeheathcottpurple.jpg]

melky mesa, sheng-an kuo purple #d/999
[Image: melkymesaankuopurple.jpg]

konrad schimidt, juilo teheran purple #d/ 999
[Image: schmidtteheranpurple.jpg]

josh donaldson purple #d/999
[Image: joshdonaldsonpurple.jpg]

john lamb, casey crosby purple #d/999
[Image: lambcrosbypurple.jpg]

ryan dent purple #d/999
[Image: ryandentpurple.jpg]

eric niesen purple #d/999
[Image: ericniesenpurple.jpg]

tony delmonico purple #d/999
[Image: tonydelmonicopurple.jpg]

open to any offers if anyone is interested..thanks
Check me on the yankees
Please check me for the Ethier.
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