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I know I should be happy about the two 9.5/10s, but here's the deal. I had my Andy Dalton raw graded a 9.5/10 and the guy doing the grading told me what the subgrades were: three 9.5s and a 9. I sent it in for slabbing and this is what comes back. The two Blounts came back with the exact grades they were raw graded as.

I'm thinking maybe they ding'd the card transporting it back to BGS HQ or something, but it doesn't make much sense to me.

I was EXTREMELY excited to have only the second BGS 9.5/10 Andy Dalton SPA...and the one with the nicest patch! Unfortunately it came back with a 9, just like 15 others.

[Image: BlountMailday.jpg]

Oh well, still a nice card. Plus the Blounts are great!
Wow, that's a bummer Serg! It probably was just the grader you got for this grading session. Wonder if you cracked it and resubmitted if you'd get the 9.5.

The Blounts are sweet!
This is what scares me the most on sending my beloved cards in to get them graded... Nice cards regardless...
I've never understood the grading thing since day one.

Used to be, mint was the best condition a card could be.

Now mint is technically the third-best grade you can get, and people are disappointed when they get it back as a 9.
What do you need for a blount buddy?
Still, not a bad day!
Still, not a bad day!
That does bite but the cards are still some BEAUTIES Smile
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