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ok so i bought out a bin full of cards that had original 1973 wacky packages. They all in really good condition i mean there is minor wear on corners but otherwise excellent. I wonder if i grade these things do they grade point the sticker condition or the card as solid? Would be kind of dumb being the main part of these is that they are stickers??? Anyone know
[Image: IMG733.jpg]
[Image: IMG734.jpg]
This a serious question i am usually sport and can understand judging the whole card front/back. But as far as these are i just really wonder if it is based upon sticker or everything.
I'd get them graded. Conditions like these are hard to come by and can achieve TOP value if graded high and sold at a respectable auction house, hope this helps!
Those look great! Forget the fact they are almost 40 years old. They just look fabulous. Good luck with the grading.

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