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From a three box break, opened a contenders before these and got nothing.

[Image: 2012-05-18_14-49-42_770-1.jpg]

[Image: 2012-05-18_14-49-48_758.jpg]

[Image: 2012-05-18_14-52-19_436-1.jpg]

[Image: 2012-05-17_16-43-52_109-1.jpg]
Holy Sixes, man that is sweet. Nice hits. Congrats!!!
Wow killer break! Congrats!
Sick 6 auto
(05-18-2012 03:07 PM)pens1fan Wrote: [ -> ]Holy Sixes, man that is sweet. Nice hits. Congrats!!!

Yeah, from the way the product was advertised it seemed like there would be a BUNCH of different ones, given that they are 1 per case (multi autos). Turns out there are only 12 different sixes total. I was happy, it's the only thing I wanted to pull from the product since I saw the product info.
that miller is sick!!!!!!! love the larionov too
Ha ha. Now I know what color your keyboard is.!!!
Interested in the Malkin if it's f/t
Sweet break!!!
if yu want to unload that malkin lmk thanks
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