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I am getting rid of all of my baseball cards except ripkens and new york mets. Lets see what we can do, i think i have about 3800 baseball cards to get rid of. Condition isnt a huge issue
I got alot of ripkens in my org give me a look
offer sent, i hope u can find some stuff, a lot of my stuff has been picked over
Check me I may have some for you.
check me please
offer sent. thanks
Offer sent.
Ive done a couple really large trades so far, im down to about 5000 now. Anyone else looking to trade?!?! I have a couple 500-700 card trades out there!
Are you buying or just trading? I have some Ripkens I can load later tonight. Not sure if I have anything worthy for the mets off hand but all of my recent cards are loaded in ORG.
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