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I purchased a torrey smith rookie orientation expo12 cards card off eBay and it is /5
Are these worth anything or do they have any demand? I only paid a few bucks so I gave it a shot. What do u think?
sure they are worth something Wink

Expo is Canada's version of the "Nationals" and all the cards there are SP's Smile

Depending on the player they can go for a few bucks, and if said player has a HOF career then they're gold Smile
Hmm.. I had a choice of a few players but for the price I went with smith. Being /5 I thought it would be nice.
As far as investment purposes your paying a premium for them to stamp it. It's only worth what someone is willing to pay. For $3-$5 bucks if you collect the guy not so bad, the expo just looks like regular cards that have a stamp. If they made their own unique card I would see it more valuable. You could do this yourself if you wanted with Ala' scrapbooking with any base card.
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