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I hate to say this but I am afraid I will be out of the game for several months. Due to a situation that should have been avoided, that wasnt, has left me in a real bind and I am so friggin pissed off over it I could demo a house with my bare hands. I am livid.

Anyway, I just want to say to chibears, yours will be sent tomorrow. lsolarte yours will be sent in just a couple days and both of you will be receiving PM's from me tonite. Any completed trades will be carried out in the upmost diligence and pending trades will be postponed. I apologize, this has just left a real bad taste in my mouth.

Wendy, I am up in the air now on the submission, I apologize. I will try and give you a more definite this week.

This is going to really hurt to do this but I really dont have a choice and that is what makes it even worse. I dont even know if I can log on and check in, it might be like salt in the wound, so until I see you, peace. Smile
i'll just go ahead and cancel the trade i sent over earlier today...g/l
dang, someone ticked off a great bro Sad
(05-17-2012 10:25 PM)ft28jags Wrote: [ -> ]i'll just go ahead and cancel the trade i sent over earlier today...g/l

I didnt even see it bro, what is it?? I will take a look real quick.
(05-17-2012 10:29 PM)swjrp10 Wrote: [ -> ]dang, someone ticked off a great bro Sad

That is putting it mildly. And it wasnt our trade, lol! Smile
Damn dude, hope all is well man - handle business first bro, we'll all be thinking of you and wishing you well until your return.
I hope things work out for you and that you are able to fix your situation quickly.
We all run into roadblocks bud. hopefully things turn around for you sooner rather than later
Sorry to hear about your troubles. I have some extra Karma I will send your way.
Thanks guys, but it isnt personal, finances or family related, everything is good on that front. It is this gdam pickle smoker on ebay that has my stuff all messed up and I cant go after my PC stuff, or anything for that matter. It is too much to take, considering what I already missed on tonite when I found out about it, there is no way I can deal with that on a daily basis for a long frickin time in my opinion.
Just keep me posted, would still love to have you join in!
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