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Pages: 1 2 3 4 have a Super Collection I guess you must have at least one of thier RC biggies!!! Well I took the plunge and decided to let my RayRay collection hit the BIG time. Here it is....

[Image: scan0013-1.jpg]

Now the next biggie will be a NT Rc of his Big Grin

Oh I did have a couple other sweet mailers arrive today. They included these...

[Image: scan0014-1.jpg]

And from a group break with Englandhousehold....

[Image: scan0015.jpg]

Plus a great mixture of RayRays, Steelers and Sanchitos Smile WooHoo!!!
Holy cow. That is one GREAT Ray Ray!!
That's some sweet action!
AWESOME pickup T!!!!!
Prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sweet!
WOW that ray is sick!! also really like the Brees Wink
My jaw is on the floor...CONGRATS!!!
Whoa...thats Huge Teresa! congrats on that beauty finding a place in your PC!
Wow t...your killing it...should save for the show....probably find some move ray rays there.....Smile
Holy sweet sickness! That Ray Ray is absolutely insane!!
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