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Full Version: Shoutout to T!!!!
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Thank you very much Ripkenfan for my Birthday contest gift! I love them! The fit perfectly into my PC, I can't thank you enough for them T!

[Image: 5-17-201282308PM.jpg]
[Image: 5-17-201282507PM.jpg]

[Image: 5-17-201282400PM.jpg]
those are sweet!!!! WTG T!!! Big Grin
Wow!!! Nice!!! You scored big...
Very nice man.
Glad you liked them Kyle Big Grin
Sweet patches! T is one of the best!
WTG T!! Those are some beauties! Great patch on the plates and patches.
WTG TMoney congrats Kyle
Congrats Kyle.......T is great for sure.....Smile
Nice. Love that ball pieceSmile
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