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Don't know if anyone has done this in a while (didn't see any other threads). Post you best/favorite HOFer autos and/or patches. I know there are others out there that put my few to shame but here we go:
[Image: 2011-05-15071256.jpg]
[Image: 2011-08-24130514.jpg]
[Image: utf-8BSU1HMDE0ODkuanBn.jpg]
[Image: 2012-05-16151120.jpg]
[Image: 2012-02-27172220.jpg]
[Image: FranTarkentonauto50.jpg]
[Image: utf-8BSU1HMDE0MDQuanBn.jpg]
[Image: 2012-02-02182402.jpg]
[Image: utf-8BSU1HMDEzODguanBn.jpg]
[Image: utf-8BSU1HMDE0ODAuanBn.jpg]

My In-person autos:
[Image: utf-8BSU1HMDEzMzkuanBn.jpg]
[Image: utf-8BSU1HMDEzNDAuanBn.jpg]
[Image: utf-8BSU1HMDEzNDEuanBn.jpg]
[Image: utf-8BSU1HMDEzNDIuanBn.jpg]
[Image: 2011-08-02205659.jpg]

[Image: 2011-06-06091551.jpg]
[Image: 2011-12-10103106.jpg]
[Image: 2011-12-10103121.jpg]
[Image: utf-8BSU1HMDE0MzIuanBn.jpg]
[Image: utf-8BSU1HMDE0NDIuanBn.jpg]
Very nice man! That Steve young pres pass auto is nasty!
Oh, this is always fun. lol

[Image: n-hornung05cl.jpg]
[Image: g-gifford08cert.jpg]
[Image: lambJ.jpg]
[Image: g-namath115s.jpg]
[Image: thurmannt.jpg]
[Image: xstarr09contenders.jpg][Image: starr10cn.jpg]
[Image: hirsch10classics.jpg]
[Image: hirsch01her.jpg]
[Image: 006-1.jpg]
[Image: 013.jpg]
[Image: 002-2.jpg]
[Image: 011.jpg]
[Image: 004-2.jpg]
[Image: 007-1.jpg]
[Image: 001-5.jpg]
[Image: 002-1.jpg]
[Image: 018-1.jpg]
just patches Smile
[Image: marinotreasuresauto3clrjsy13.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0006-1.jpg]
[Image: marinotreasurespatchauto.jpg]
[Image: 3ColorBrettFavreAbsoluteAutoJsyd1of.jpg]
[Image: favreplates.jpg]
[Image: joemontannaabsolute1of1autojsy.jpg]
[Image: staubachpatch.jpg]
[Image: 361423f4-e3ed-4e28-9961-88037aa992e2.jpg]
Got this one for my Pops
I love this set for some reason...

[Image: n-luckbull07cert.jpg][Image: thorpebaugh07cert.jpg]
Here's a few of mine

[Image: BCFA3668.jpg]

[Image: 12AAC53C.jpg]

[Image: 3094C0C3.jpg]

[Image: EDFF2DC7.jpg]

[Image: D81A330B.jpg]

[Image: BF3E5F62.jpg]

[Image: BobbyBell28of37.jpg]

[Image: A5F65E25.jpg]

[Image: 5B1C29AF.jpg]

[Image: BobbyBell18of25.jpg]
Lump - that Len Dawson mini auto is sweet!
A few more

[Image: 73D284E2.jpg]

[Image: BuckBuchanan39of50.jpg]

[Image: 23of49001.jpg]

[Image: BuckBuchanan19of50.jpg]

[Image: DerrickThomas67of99.jpg]

[Image: DerrickThomas-5.jpg]

[Image: DTtimelesstributes001.jpg]

[Image: DerrickThomas-4.jpg]

[Image: DerrickThomas21of250.jpg]

[Image: JoeMontana76of250.jpg]
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