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Hey guys,
I need 2 cards to complete my base set of 2007 bowman chrome refractors: 2007 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractors #237 Barry Bonds----This card came out of bowman draft but i am counting it towards main set.
2007 Bowman Chrome #217 Tim Lincecum RC Refractors

If anyone can help please let me know, I have been working on this set since 07 and am so excited to be about done. I am also working on the 07 Bowman draft refractor set and the 07 bowman chrome prospect refractor set ---the ones # out of/500. I only have about 67 of those which only puts me at about 33% complete. Any help is appreciate. I will buy or trade.
bump up
I have the bonds listed for trade
(05-18-2012 01:31 AM)elberson Wrote: [ -> ]I have the bonds listed for trade

excellent...thanks ill send offer
weekend bump...anyone else got either?
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