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Hello -

I need to generate some quick PayPal so I am selling these:

[Image: 7204939414_ea466069d6.jpg]

Misty Franklin Relic - $9 PayPal Delivered

[Image: 7204939736_394acb64c1.jpg]

Ariel Hsing Commemorative Olympic Team Patch - $10 PayPal Delivered

[Image: 7204939996_e2d82718c8.jpg]

Evelyn Stevens Commemorative American Flag Olympic Patch - $10 PayPal Delivered

Or would do all 3 for $25 PayPal Delivered

Thanks for looking

Wish i had some Paypal right now.. if you want to trade them you can check me..
I get paid Thursday, so if they are still around then I'll check your ORG for trades - won't need the PayPal then Smile
BTW any idea if the Pricing for this set has been released yet?
Not as of earlier today
Can we add these to our trade?...Mel
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