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At one time "organize" was free.
Nowadays it cost $$$ to "organize" and
currently locked out of it. So theres no way to trade/sell really for me
I only buy a price guide book maybe every 2 yrs.
I see many people have their photobucket in their signatures.
So did I.
Would that be a fair assesment enough for me to try and be a member of the community.
I let the folks here use paypal for the tranasctions and have completed 1 so far. Just give me a try.

maybe somehow someone can delete m 'organize' so i can start it over. so i can learn how the trading here works.
In order to be able to trade or sell here you have to use the organize and trade tools. If you are locked out the only way back in is to purchase a OPG, even a player or pay the $19.95 a year. If you maintain 100 cards or less in your org then it is free but once you go over you have to pay for OPG or org. You could buy 1 month OPG and reduce your org below 100 and then keep it below 100.
Trading or selling outside of the system through photobucket is not allowed
what is a OPG?
online price guide

(and hint: you can even buy a player OPG and get org for me. player opg's are super cheap)
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