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Paying top dollar for 2005 Absolute Jumbo Prime Reds, show me what ya got and how much $ you want. Also willing to trade in your favor for the right player(s). 2 cards available ft below

1/1 Pujols
[Image: img089.jpg]

1/1 Mike Vick
[Image: img090.jpg]
Nice cards.You only looking for those prime gu's for those?
Btw they should be in your organize in order to trade here.
like these???

[Image: orelpatch.jpg]
(05-15-2012 05:51 AM)mikecala98 Wrote: [ -> ]like these???

[Image: orelpatch.jpg]

Yep, how much do you want on the Orel? Have any more?
Never thought about it selling it...feel free to make an offer!
This also available for trade now

[Image: img091.jpg]
Nice Pujols, what are you looking to get for it?
Looking for Absolute Jumbos like the Vlad above
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