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I want to take my brother to the Devils game Saturday for his birthday but the tickets are so expensive so I'm just trying to get some cash that I could use. I got a bunch of stuff for sale with prices listed but if you want to make an offer, go right ahead. Prices include shipping but I would like to do at least an $8 deal. Thanks for looking.

Waren-$5, Warren Blue- $28, Lot- $30
[Image: 001-2.jpg]

Joseph- $4, Peguero- $4, Rosario- $5, Kepler- $5, Bonafacio- $5, Tejeda- $4, Dykstra- $4, Dixon- $4, Pacheco- $4
[Image: bowmanauto-1.jpg]

Cano lot- $12
[Image: cano.jpg]

Ryan- $10, Verlander- $15, Howard- $8, Heyward- $8, Heyward auto- $55
[Image: heyward-1.jpg]

Montero lot- $20
[Image: montero.jpg]

Hall- $3, Sogard- $15, Cano- $30, Walker/Helton- $4, Aramis- $4, Posada- $5, Boggs- $5, Mattingly- $10, Bonds- $18
[Image: sogard.jpg]
bump again
Got any Nunez you want to sell or jeter?
(05-15-2012 02:28 AM)yankees_pride Wrote: [ -> ]Got any Nunez you want to sell or jeter?

I got a bunch of Nunez but he's the only player I really collect so I don't want to sell any Nunez....and got no Jeter.
I'd be interested in the Cano auto for $25. Shoot me a PM if this works for you. Thanks.
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