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Full Version: BOx of SPx
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Stopped in to the LCS and picked up a box of SPx yesterday. Not too sure about the chopped off heads design, but overall I was happy with the break.

Here are the scans...

From the Ice pack: Emelin

[Image: emelin001.jpg]

The Rookie stuff: Zolnierczyk, Hartikainen, Gudbranson, Nemisz

[Image: zolniercyk001.jpg][Image: hartikainen001.jpg]
[Image: gudbranson001.jpg][Image: nemisz001.jpg]

The Jerseys: Stafford, Luongo/Kiprusoff

[Image: stafford001.jpg][Image: luongo-kiprusoff001.jpg]

and a Legend: Beliveau

[Image: beliveau001.jpg]

Not a bad box, but not great....


....the last pack:

[Image: stamkos003.jpg]

Thanks for looking!
interested in the ICE card if its up for trade.
Show-Stopper! SWwweeeeeeeeeettttt!!!!
that is sick! I'd love to get that if you want to move it! Tongue
Killer Pull!
Very nice pull. I love the ShadowBox Signature cards. I pulled a Crosby one last year. One of the best pulls I have ever had.

lmk if the stammers avail f/t.
sick Stammer
Great hit on the Stamkos Shadowbox Auto. Congrats!!!
Are you intrested in trading the stamkos? Trade/paypal? all paypal? all trade?

Let me know I am SUPER INTRESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice break
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