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Not gunna bore you with the base, but this has to be the sickest patch ever on an UNNUMBERED card lol (sorry for the crappy scan, theres actually another color break in the lower left corner!)
[Image: 0513121856.jpg]
That is a nasty patch!
SWEET patch! Congrats on the pull.
thanks guys, too bad it couldn't be someone a little better lol
Sick patch
You know, I'll take a nice looking patch of a second or third tier guy over a single color swatch of the same

My friend Jerry's haul:
2012 Press Pass Ignite Race-Used Firesuit David Reutimann IM-DR2
[Image: IgniteReutimann.jpg]

For as much as I like press pass, their retail hits seem to be pretty blah for the most part...that is at least spicy...
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