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been a pretty dry time, missed a few on the bay I could have used, but no biggie... I am in no hurry... they will come around again I am sure... here are a few I got, mostly base that I got for FREE with the dual Ship/Gresham... also the NT is another /10... I won it for $2!!! I can't complain:

[Image: 49f33c8e.jpg]
[Image: b7910442.jpg]
[Image: 6ea6ca0e.jpg]
[Image: 37a5d073.jpg]
[Image: 4af6e543.jpg]
[Image: 409af89f.jpg]
[Image: fc03c48f.jpg]
[Image: 9604e2c2.jpg]
[Image: d710c0f9.jpg]
Nice adds, gotta love the Supreme! Smile
Sweet pickups Smile
Something tell me you really like ShipleySmile
Sweet dual auto, that's a great pickup!
Very Nice
Thanks!!! I am always on the lookout for more...
Nice pickups, can't beat the price on the NT! I like the look of the ROY Contenders that is cool. Looking forward to seeing Shipley back in action this season.
its my 2nd NT /10, I didn't really need it, but at $2, I said, why not...Smile I am going to get it signed I think...
nice man! i have a brees NT /10...have seen about 3 of them.
i couldnt believe so many are floating around.
your shipley collection is amazing!
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