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Still waiting on my cards to catch up with me during this move. They should be here by the end of the week. In the mean time I wil buy for a super deal. I perfer to do card/PP deals tho and the bucket is completely open. Looking for some nice HOF Autos and possibly some GU of Higherend players. If I buy Im looking for 1 card. The type of players Im looking for on a card/PP deal are:

Nolan Ryan (Autos)
Kirby Puckett (Autos)
Stan Musial (Autos)
Roberto Clemente (GU)
Babe Ruth (GU)
Joe Dimaggio (Autos and GU)
Lou Gehrig (Autos and GU)
Sandy Kofax (Autos and GU)
Mickey Mantle (Autos and GU)

If I buy straight out its who can give me the best deal.

Please understand if we do a trade/PP deal the cards will not be sent until the 21st.

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