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so after getting my checks together for the house closing I had a little extra money and was going to buy a box of certified to celebrate...went to the LCS where I buy all my wax and he was closed for today ...sooo... went to the next one and got some singles, supplies and a few packs... spent 90$
[Image: 8d27e351.jpg]

first the singles....

[Image: 2788b57c.jpg]
[Image: 8c69ea67.jpg]

This ones Pretty ...
[Image: 19ffa1ea.jpg]

[Image: 067a2f18.jpg]

Got 4 Packs Of Grid Iron.....

[Image: 691cc1f4.jpg]
[Image: e6969d29.jpg]

And 1 Pack of Totally Certified ...

!!!15/15 !!!
[Image: 43e7fca6.jpg]
[Image: 2100d17c.jpg]

Pretty Good Day Smile
The Namath is nice, but damn!!!! Look at that DT!!!! GREAT patch on that one!
Nice Namath
not even sure what i paid for it ? hehehehe he said everything in the pics + 2 x 2400 ct boxes a mt dew and a snickers for 90.... Smile
(05-12-2012 01:42 PM)biglump007 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice Namath

Thank you.... I like the fact his signature is clear and clean .... don't see that alot .
nice hits bro, GRATS!
NICE!!!!! Awesome trip!
Not bad for 90 bucks
Are you kidding me?!! That is an awesome job for 90 bucks. Congrats!!!
sweet hits ..... congrats Smile
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