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Just had a few additions come in the mail recently..

[Image: recentpickups12may122.jpg]

[Image: recentpickups12may121.jpg]
Nice I just sent one of those Poe inscriptions to Mik, don't think I'm going to collect any new players this year
Nice inscription!! And sweet RGIII too...almost had me drooling there for a minute...but one number off! Wink
Love the 2004 Eli's !
nice RG3 Smile .... good stuff !
thanks, guys and gals!! I will be posting a few more as i get them..
Saw a similar RGIII Sage goin for $660 on the other site, WOWZERS!!!

Great adds too Big Grin
Sweet cards, too bad about some of them being Eli Manning though
Robert Griffin has a very nice signature. Makes me want to collect him just on principle.
nice stuff.
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