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went to the LCS to grab some bargin 10-11 UD series 1 blasters (i cant believe the value we have been getting out of these. at 13.99 each and being guarunteed 2 YG's, a Yzerman Hockey heroes, a buy back, and at least 1 more insert how do you go wrong)

anyways grabed 9 more blasters, added some YG's, The Hockey Heroes Header, and 4-5 All-world team to my set, the remaining YG, inserts, buybacks had a combined BV 0f $454 not bad for the 127 i paid.

OK the real reason i am here is to show off the best pack of limited i have opened ever!

[Image: scan0008.jpg]A pretty nice box for a canucks fan

[Image: scan0009.jpg]
[Image: limitedoiletrio.jpg] this is probably the best PC card i have ever pulled 2/10 and 3 great patches, love it

The Crosby's, Oilers, Burrows, Tedenby, Bower are goig to my set/PC the rest are avaliable for trade if you want em LMK
all of those were in one pack??
the scans are 2 packs, box 1 is above the "pretty nice box for a canucks fan``(the first 7 cards, the 2nd box had 8 cards
Love that Limited Trios!
why is everyone hitting Malkin and Stamkos autos lately?!?!? wait...WHY CAN'T I HIT ONE Tongue lol nice stuff bro, grats!
definately interested in the stamkos auto
man that second box was purely epic!
Let me see if I can get my hands on that stamkos PLEASE. Nice breaks
Am interested in the Stamkos, LMK either way. Thanks.
Killer break!
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