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Full Version: A few for trade
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Hope everybody is having a good weekend. I have a few for trade here. I'm putting up the Halladay and seeing what I can get. I'd prefer a one card trade for the Halladay. Thanks

[Image: trade1182.jpg]

[Image: trade3184.jpg]

[Image: trade2183.jpg]

[Image: halladay146.jpg]
Trade sent
What are you looking for on the Halladay?
Mainly an outfielder around the same BV.

(05-12-2012 06:54 PM)roger rabbit Wrote: [ -> ]What are you looking for on the Halladay?
check me for the fulmer usa auto
Check me for the Sisler please! Let me know, thanks!
Would love a shot at the halladay.
check me for the Halladay or Castro auto
I need both of those Castros for my PC. Please give me a look and see if you can find something!
offer sent
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