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Full Version: ITG BTP Breaks
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I bought 3 boxes from the LCS to bring to the show in order to get the redemptions. I bought an additional 2 boxes at the show. I then bought 2 more at the LCS on Thursday. Here are the breaks;

Box #1
[Image: Scan0046.jpg]

So I blew past the actual cards I pulled eagerly awaiting my redemption.
I had the ITG rep (woman) pull my ticket. I denote the gender since I do not have any of the rep's names.

[Image: Irbe.jpg]

Now I am stoked after getting this redemption, but it went downhill after that.

Box #2
[Image: Scan0047.jpg]

This time I had the (man) pull the ticket

[Image: Fuhr.jpg]

I tell him that this redemption was not as good as the 1st one.

[Image: Scan0048-2.jpg]

So after this lackluster break I figured I try my luck in pulling the ticket.

[Image: Scan0054-2-1.jpg]

After walking the Expo several times I purchased 2 boxes to see if I can get a Redemption PC (Cujo or Hasek). I also bought a box of Enforcers since ITG was giving 1/1 show stamped redemptions for them.

Box #4
[Image: Scan0049-2.jpg]

Again I disregard the break awaiting my Redemption. I figured I have the woman who got me the 1st one pick again. Not who I had wanted but it would go nice with my Flyers PC;
[Image: Bryzgalov.jpg]

Box #5
[Image: Scan0050-3.jpg]

I had her pick again knowing she would have better luck than I do.

[Image: Anderson.jpg]

Overall it was a fun time seeing other collector's open thier boxes and the great looking redemptions they got.

After getting home and loading all the cards into organize I did better than I had thought.

Box #1
Beaupre print run of 5
Triple Gold print run of 10

Box #2
Luongo print run of 10

Box #3
Never heard of Daley or McCartan

Box #4
Harding print run of 10
Sweet break we have a beckett member that is OBSESSED with aribe that patch is sick congrats
Since I can only upload 10 pix's per post here is the Enforcers Redemption;
[Image: Scan0055-3.jpg]

I was supposed to get half a case from a local dealer, but his supplier did not get him his allotment. So I went to the LCS where I bought the 3 boxes from to buy more boxes Since I am not lucky in picking boxes I had a customer pick a box out of the three on the counter. He picked the middle one and the Store owner indicated to go with Box #1.

[Image: Scan0051-2.jpg]

So after opening the box I razzed the patron that I only got 4 hits from this box and that the hits were okay. I had planned on buying 2 boxes and proceeded to buy the 1st box. Glad I did here is the break;

[Image: Scan0052-1.jpg]

Again I get home and input the cards into organize and realize that the Hall has a print run of 4. The Tandems is busting due to the dual seams. Overall I am very pleased with the product.
That Irbe is quite nice. One of the top two or three patches from that redemption series of Irbe for sure.
Insane breaks, Mark! I am wanting to go out and buy some BTP now! Haha! I wish I could! Great stuff and thanks for sharing... if you have any Halak... Big Grin

I have Halak base if you need it n/c.
I find this post quite funny, and the original poster knows why... Thats some shadey sh** man...
(05-12-2012 10:39 AM)irbecards32 Wrote: [ -> ]I find this post quite funny, and the original poster knows why... Thats some shadey sh** man...

I'm intrigued.

Anyway, great cards!
you did very well congrats
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