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Got this for about $70. I know a lot of people don't like Sage but I love it. Garbage now that they can't use the NCA logo though. Last 2 years are the first where I haven't bought a few boxes. Press Pass too, used to love that stuff, Legends in particular. Just can't get used to the airbrushed uniforms, I think they look terrible. What are your guys/girls opinion on how they look now?

Almost forgot, here's the card lol...

[Image: img220_crop.jpg]
Nice card! I hate the airbrushed look too.
nice! I personally am not a big fan of HIT, but I like Press Pass, I think they always have a nice clean look and the autos look good on them.
I was a huge fan until they started airbrushing. I was excited when I heard that UD was getting the NCAA license but didn't realize what it was going to do to Sage and Press Pass. Now I wish that they hadn't
very nice AP!! Congrats!!
(05-12-2012 12:01 PM)go cardinals Wrote: [ -> ]very nice AP!! Congrats!!

Thanks Smile Got bronze and platinum now.
nice card. i personally dont like the no logo deal. i dont follow college that closely so when i open a pack i dont really know where everyones from just by name. kinda irritating when i know some college collectors i could send them to if i just knew where they were from
Great deal! Personally I like Press Pass and Sage too just because of the on-card autos and I think they look nice. This is one of my favorites because it's such a big (and complete) on card auto and the card just looks classy. I'm glad AP came into the league before the airbrushing was in effect. You got a great card with a great signature at a great price!
[Image: appresspass.jpg]
Love it! I also was a big fan of Sage and Press Pass back in 2009 when they had NCAA logos.
No Logos=crap... That's a sweet card!!!
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